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Questions about SSl Certificates and Insecure Sites

The question about ssl certificates it is good to have a secure website. Having an https:// website doesn’t mean your site is secure if you have http:// content on your page It is good to have your own dedicated ip and Good security so It gives your company better exposure and ingenuity. Some of these stations are http:// so even if i got ssl certificates, their modified browsers would still say my site is insecure, you can still use an old browser to access my site but your new modified mobile browsers has a feature in their settings to allow insecure content and to allow flash content.

Also my findings the subtle use of http websites are converted to apps that is playable in apps by masking that http and make https while that fact remains these apps are playing legally on your phone are still insecure http sites by masked players so it is insecure to play on the web but not on the apps they are allowed, also people who use google codes on their websites are accepting agreements of selling their own rights to their own websites those lazy web-developers everything making first page in google as if their robots are restricted to one search engine, (robot is robot) they respond to anything.

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