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KingdomNubia Radio is a provider and supporter of conscious muzik of many genres, also bring you Knowledge & Vibes. We are The Beat of The Kingdom Our main focus is conscious reggae music, but we realize our people who all come from the African Diaspora are more than just that, all of this is apart of us if it wasn’t for Africa we wouldn’t have all of this, as all of it is still African music. When you listen to KNR you will hear lots of reggae but throughout the day you will hear the other genres that make up who we all are.

Africa Musika is a Broadcasting and Media company aiming to promoting African Music Worldwide. Located in Alberta; Canada, Africa Musika unapologetically takes pride in promoting African value through the promotion of African music.

Tama Radio is designed to give you hope for the future, calm your soul and promote wellness. We broadcast calming music with inspirational programming 24/7 across the world

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