A large portion of the radios' activities are concerned with the support for the local music artists, as music is the traditional medium of passing on wisdom. Other important projects of the radio include the Radio Schools (Taonga Market), the annual Tonga Concert and Tape Production.
It is from Chikuni Mission that the radio station operates on 91.9 FM and covers a radius of 60 Kilometres. It broadcasts to all the 21 out-stations in Chikuni Parish and beyond, with an estimated potential audience of 250,000 (low estimate). The station also reaches four other parishes noteably Monze, Mazabuka and Choma. Chikuni centre can eaily be seen from afar thanks to the radios 69 meter guyed mast, accommodating the radio’s FM antennas.


Chikuni Radio P.O. Box 660239, Monze, Zambia. Land Phone: +260 21 3 255708 Cell Phones: Airtel: 0979050299 MTN: 0965050299 Zamtel: 0950050299 Sms: 0977403058 ArtelMoney: 09777059484 Managing Director of Chikuni Radio Fr. Andrew Lesniara s.j.